Consistory/Board Representatives


The Consistory or governing board of the church is comprised of the Pastor, the Elders, the Deacons, and the Trustees.  Meetings are the second Monday of the month.

Current  Consistory:

Pastor:  Spiritual leader of the church

  • Pastor Ronnette Comfort-Butler

Elders:    Work with the pastor concerning the spiritual life of the church

  • Don Drager
  • Linda Good
  • Brenda Pardun

Deacons:  Deal with the financial matters of the church

  • Tina Beck
  • Ginny Kline
  • Chris Nye

Trustees:  Deal with the physical/building matters of the church

  •    Jim Embly
  • Den Emswilerj
  • Don Welcomer

Consistory Officers:  President – Don Drager

Vice-President – Brenda Pardun

Secretary – Linda Good

  Treasurer – Tina Beck

Financial Secretary – Ginny Kline

Wider Church & Community Representatives:

Donegal/Conoy Christian Food Bank & CROP Walk :  Ginny Kline

Homes of Hope Ministry:  Donnis Young,  Liaison

UCC Homes:  Ginny Kline